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Our band consists of players who have played gigs for many years and covered a whole variety of venues. We are a dance cover-tune, family band with a good friend we've known for many years playing lead. We have a following and due to the range in ages of our band members, we draw a mix of young to Baby Boomers.

Bee-Bop Billy has played for many years, has a grade 5 Conservatory of Music and his leads are exactly what you'll recognize in our dance cover tunes. He sings backup vocals as well and in his spare time he repairs guitar amps for music stores.

Rimshot Steve has been drumming since the ripe age of 8 and he sings lead and backup vocals. He plays guitar as well, but drums for our band. An arborist by day trimming and cutting trees high in the air, his spare time is spent flagging and teching cars for a derby company and he volunteers his time for a local fair.

Jukebox Johnny plays guitar, banjo and harmonica and sings lead and backup vocals. His spare time is spent on the ice playing hockey or working around the hobby farm. He also volunteers for the local fair.

Karen keeps a steady beat rockin' on the bass, because you know, "It's all about the Bass", ha, ha. She volunteers her time to a few different areas including St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs and likes to spend her spare time with her family, her horse and her dogs!

Our band has played everything; Weddings, Anniversary Dances, bars, large Parks and Campground Associations, Fairs, Fall Festivals, Regattas , Fireworks displays and Pig Roasts. We tend to have a following when playing public gigs.

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